Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vanilla Chiffon Roll

Tina wasn't kidding when she said people would be scared off by this recipe. It sounded soooooooo complicated. How many times can you invert a pan? I mean, really? But I likely won't have time to participate the next two weeks, and I don't want to be the first person ever kicked out of the Baking Beauties! To help me in what seemed like an impossible task I borrowed my mom's Kitchen Aid Mixer. And thank Julia I did, because I don't think I could have completed this cake without it. The directions were rather intimidating. Craig had to go out at 9:00PM on a Wednesday night to get me another baking sheet that was as big as the one I was using. So as to properly invert the cake. I'm a little short on pictures this time, because I was concentrating too hard on what the hell Julia was telling me to do. I actually had to ask Craig to read part of it to me, which he did while miming it, in order for me to understand.

The rolling of the cake was the most stressful part. And in the end, I don't think I did it right, because I don't this is what Julia had in mind:

It may be the ugliest cake ever made. But damn, it tasted good!

Also, on an unrelated note, I'd like to congratulate myself for completing this challenge the same week as my rehearsal dinner and birth of my new niece.

Oh, Hi... I'm Molly Sharon McPhedran and I have big feet. I like long walks on the beach and crying.

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  1. Kim, your cake looks super delish! I can't believe you did it, and your wedding is on Friday. You are amazing!
    And, Molly, you are just too gorgeous!