Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lemon Loaf

I love lemon loaf, but for some reason I've never made it. I used to eat it at my grandparent's house where my Papa would chastise me for dipping it in tea.

This recipe was ridiculously easy.

The zest of 3 large lemons seems like a lot of zest, but it made the loaf just lemony enough. I think this is a good time to share The Kitchn's article on what to do with naked lemons.

I bought the eggs at Culinarium. I like getting eggs there because they don't all look the same, and because I have to check and make sure I'm getting chicken eggs.

Mmmm, sugar and eggs - the basis of any good recipe

Then I just mixed a couple of things and next thing I knew I was done. I always forget how liquidy these types of recipes are. If it weren't for my previous banana bread experience I would have thought I'd done something wrong at this point:

Once again I had to cook it for the maximum amount of time suggested. I don't know why I even bother checking at the minimum time.

Craig and I both liked the crunchy top crust.

I ate this with a cup of Earl Grey, but I didn't dip.


  1. Yum... I also loved the crunchy top. Avery seemed to like it the most out of all of us. Wait a minute. This is turning into a terrible trend. My son + cake = bad mom

  2. Posting comments at 5:53 am = good mom :)