Saturday, May 30, 2009

Craig Cooks Chicken

This week's menu was Broiled Chicken and Baked Potatoes.
I'm trying to start him off easy and then I'll throw the hard stuff at him. Of course if I want it to be easy I should probably read the recipes first, not just the titles.

Apparently broiled chicken involved things like herb pastes and butchering a whole chicken. Whoops!

I did learn how to do this in high school "foods" class. My vegan teacher showed us how to break the chicken's back, and that's all I really remember.

Work was horrible on Friday (I blame Andy Samberg and Lauren Conrad personally) so unless you see Craig's hands in the picture it's a pretty good bet that they were taken by him.

Ladies and gentlemen the final meal:

Loved the lemony flavour of the chicken!

Also a big thank you to Amanda Laird - after this post, I woke up to an amazing breakfast, courtesy of my newly cooking husband:

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  1. Oh, I love it! Craig's biscuits look amazing, weren't they amazing? I think poached eggs make everything better, especially these. :)