Sunday, July 12, 2009

French Strawberry Cake

Finally, a seasonal recipe! I mostly used my strawberries from our CSA, but had to supplement with some from the grocery store at the last minute. Also used some eggs from KEG.

I'm not a baker, I don't know what Genoise is, and I don't think it's what I made. Julia put the time at 4 -5 minutes before the egg & sugar mixture was whipped to the proper consistency. Mine was more like 15 minutes... or at least I stopped counting at that point. All I know is that I hate sifting flour, but I did it twice for this recipe.... and it still didn't turn out properly.

I do however want to point out that I love these Mario Batali prep bowls my brother and his girlfriend got us. That way I didn't have to stand there hovering with 1 teaspoon of vanilla for the "final moments" of whipping, unable to put it down. I could just stick it in this bowl and do dishes while it took FOREVER to whip.

So obviously I did something wrong is this is my cake that I'm supposed to cut in three:

I'm not sure if the scale comes across in that picture, but it's about an inch high. I have a problem with the direction of "fold". I don't really understand what that means. Especially with this mixture, since it was mostly like foam, which would hide giant pockets of flour that I wasn't aware of until I tried to stir in the butter.

I did manage to somehow cut that cake in half.

And now behold, the world's ugliest cake:

I didn't even bother with the rosettes and decorating directions. At the point of decorating it was obvious this was a little beyond saving. It tasted as good as ugly cake and cream and strawberries could. Which is to say, amazing!


  1. The final cut piece looks really yummy. Funny how ugly cake usually tastes sooo good.

    I definitely need some folding lessons. I was so angry when I found clumps of flour hiding out.

  2. I told you it would still taste good!

    Ladies... I teach "folding" lessons at $50 a pop! When can I sign you up?