Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ginger Snaps

Tonight's going to be busy over here at Not Julia.

First up - last week's Baking Beauties assignment was Ginger Snaps, which I did last Sunday but totally forgot to post.

I have no fond childhood memories of ginger snap cookies. Mostly it just reminds me of this movie
Turns out I might not have had these because my mother hates them. I mentioned the project and she said that she had them constantly as I child and didn't like them.

Have I mentioned that I hate mollasses? I hate it. It's just sticky. And annoying. And it doesn't even taste all that good. So I end up using tonnes of flour to stop it from sticking to everything. Including, apparently, the dog:

In the end I wasn't overly impressed. They were alright, we ate 'em.
They were "snappy" at first but then I stored them in the fridge and they became just thin chewy ginger cookies.

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