Sunday, June 21, 2009

Craig Cooks Sausage & Beans

There really wasn't much to this recipe. Store bought sausage, boiled beans, thrown in the oven with some spices and olive oil.

Here's the part where Craig feels like Jon Gosselin in "Jon & Kate + 8 + Emeril" (you really need to have seen that episode to get my joke at all here):

However, Craig's a little happier than Jon was... and let's face it, a little less high:

The beans were boiling for about an hour. Neither of us have cooked dried beans before, so we were really sure what we were doing and had to follow the book exactly. There was actually a point where I said out loud "Why is he trying to make us burn these?" Seriously, it told us to drain the beans and put them back in the pot for another 10 minutes. No liquid, no heat reduction. What the crap, Mark?

Craig basically just stuck the sausages in a pan, no brainer there:

Cooper gets a little concerned when we cook sausage. Or hungry, hard to say really:

And ladies and gentleman, I hate to say it, but we have our first dinner fail.

It was alright, it's just the beans were really dry. Craig followed the recipe exactly, it's just that boiling them for an hour and then leaving them in a pot with no liquid for 10 minutes and then putting them in the oven for an hour with bread crumbs... well they'd have to be made entirely out of liquid not to be dry at that point.

I think of this as our penance for the very tasty and very quick salmon from last week.

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